Track: Metro Trinity – Die Young EP

Short lived Manchester band Metro Trinity only Released this EP, back in 1987 on their own Cafeteria label, and a split with the Inspiral Carpets via Dave Haslam’s Debris fanzine. Their parts however, moved onto more illustrious paths, with Jon Male later of Soul Family Sensation and Republica, and Jez Williams and Andy Williams of the Doves also in the fold, although Williams hadn’t yet arrived for this release.

It’s being reissued as part of the Optic Nerve Sevens 2.0 Reissue Series, as ever limited to 800 copies with coloured vinyl and a postcard and poster. Originally a 12”, this version comprises 3 of the original 4 tracks, Spend my Whole Life Loving You, Just Go and Michael Fury, inspired by James Joyce’s short story The Dead.

Spend my whole life loving you is a thing of melancholy, with brushes of guitar and this violin pulling directly at your heartstrings, while just go is the opposite, this emotive baritone over this uplifting Housemartins-esoque backing.

Michael Fury has this Byrds-ey, Postcard Records thing going on (didnt a lot of them at that time?) but it, like they all do, this lovely melodic quality about them, this one sweetened with vocal harmonies and this slashy guitar solo which is just lovely.

Metro Trinity is out via Optic Nerve on May 1st.

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