Live Review: Red Fang – O2 Birmingham Institute

Red Fang are one of the best bands many haven’t discovered yet. The quartet from Portland, Oregan are touring on the eve of the release of their fourth album.

On Sunday Red Fang played Birmingham Institute. They were supported by two great bands, God Damn and Torche.  It was a night of musical excellence and I for one am glad I was party to.



At first Red Fang seemed tired as they strolled on and cranked up the amps to “Wires”. But after Aaron Beam said they were under the weather and full of cold it seemed to push the show forward and more energy was put in to counteract. The show lifted upwards throughout.


The indoor setting allows their facemelting riffs to resonate and carry with a truely powerful thrust. The band’s laden heavy riffs sound better live as the pack of four have a clear tight resonance.


This is not the first time I have seen this band and I have championed their sound since. Several years ago I was introduced to Red Fang and their first self-titled album via their truely fantastic video for Prehistoric Dog, which if you haven’t yet had the pleasure, get to it.

This time however the band are touring ready for their eagerly awaited fourth album “Only Ghosts” which is due for realease 11th October. They have treated us to yet another great video “Shadows” prior to it’s release.

The band do not seem to be ones for self-promotion nor do they invoke a feeling of being trotted out. They clearly enjoy what they produce and even through tour tiredness they smashed it.


By the end of their set the energy and power of their music was irrepressible. The explosive ending of Prehistoric Dog seemed a bitter sweet finale. Such energy should not stop and hopefully will not for long.


Setlist(disclaimer what I recall given number of songs from as yet released album!)


No Air

Into The Eye


Crows In Swine

Blood Like Cream


Cut It Short

The Smell Of The Sound

Number Thirteen

Hank Is Dead


Prehistoric Dog


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