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When you’re first introduced to MUNA, you might feel intimated and a little out of depth, but that first impression will fall away the second you realise that these are the kinda girls who will fight with you, not against you.

About U is the highly anticipated debut album from the trio, released 3rd February 2017 on Columbia Records. The LP features popular singles ‘I Know A Place’ and ‘Winterbreak’. There’s an authenticity in these tracks that cannot be replicated, as you realise MUNA write, record and produce all the music themselves. About U is 100% them, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

The album opens with ‘So Special’, quietly introducing you to MUNA’s striking vocals and unique style. Its lyrics reflect your own life back at you, as does the rest of the album, by bringing to light the kind of issues we all deal with: betrayal, anger, and heartbreak.

‘I Know A Place’ is a call to arms, to join the resistance and fight for yourselves and your allies. Its music video enhances this, depicting a story of war and acceptance. Take off your armour and tear down your walls; it’s time to empathise and welcome new perspectives and new allies. It’s an anthem that demands your attention.

Slowing down the pace a little, ‘If U Love Me Now’ is more of a heartbreaking ballad, quietly echoing the insecurities we all feel. They wonder: “I’ve been trying to find out if anyone / Feels truly happy because of all that they have done”, questioning their integrity as much as anyone else’s. Will we ever be satisfied? Or will we always be chasing ghosts?

‘Crying On The Bathroom Floor’ is a personal favourite, striking a chord with its mere title as you recall moments where, you too, may have been in that very position. It goes on to describe a startlingly toxic relationship, supported with strong tempo that doesn’t seem to quit. The entire song is shrouded in darkness and leaves you dealing with the complexities of abusive relationships: nothing is ever black and white.

The album concludes with ‘Outro’, feeling like a dream with its overlaying vocals and use of shimmering synth. It allows you to stop and think, take a deep breath and contemplate the album as a whole. These three girls have given their all to provide us with an album worth talking about: uniting us in our anxieties, self-doubt, and love.

Electro-pop that makes you think; bringing real issues to light, sugar-coated in catchy pop that you just want to dance to. It’s a reminder that good music doesn’t need to be meaningless and, meaningful songs don’t have to be dreary. About U is a 12-track wonder that caters for all states of mind.

About U was released on 3rd February 2017.

Listen to ‘I Know A Place’ below:


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