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After 5 years away Oscar G, one half of the celebrated MURK, returns with an ep of classic house cuts.


Oscar G certainly has a weighty reputation in dance music circles, both as one half of legendary US duo MURK, and in his own right. He’s recorded under his own names across some of the most influential labels in house music – including Nervous Records, and his own label Made in Miami Records. For his new EP, Party People, he’s returned to the influential DFTD label.

The three track EP begins with title track Party People, this classic house cut, with soulful vocals and popping pads and beats underneath this stabbing synth line. Follow on ‘Cash’ feels more tropical, and no less funky, but has this spoken word vocal that lays over this fizzing, crackling track that has more than a little not towards acid. The EP closes with ‘OG Groove’, a gently bubbling thing with colourful backing, tribal percussion, and this smooth vocal that’s frankly to die for. Throw in splashes of Sax and a real sunset vibe and it tops things off completely.

Check it out, here