PREMIERE: Laura Jinn faces her fears on seasonally-appropriate new song ‘Analog Stalker’

As unfortunate as it is to launch your musical career during an unfolding pandemic, Laura Jinn seems to be making it work. From New Orleans, she released her debut EP called Sick! in 2020, and she’s following that up soon. Well, sort of.

Diary 1: Hello World isn’t an EP, at least not yet. It’s an ongoing series of singles collected under that title. Semantics aside, it’s shaping up to be excellent, as ‘Gasp’ and ‘Vampire’ from earlier this year attest to. A third diary entry arrives tomorrow in the form of the unsettling ‘Analog Stalker’, of which Jinn says: “[It’s] about wanting contact with the thing trying to kill you. It’s about stalking your stalker, about walking around late at night in anticipation of the hand on your shoulder. What would it feel like if instead of running, you turned around and faced it?”

Very well-timed, as it deserves Halloween bop status. Or graveyard smash status. Either way, it’s a song that pulls in a number of different directions at once with the kind of off-kilter pop Jinn excels at. Keep an eye out for more next year, and check out our premiere of ‘Analog Stalker’ below.

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