FALLE NIOKE is a singer and percussionist from Guinea Conakry, West Africa. He sings in French, English, Susu, Fulani and Malinke, and plays a range of African instruments. Collaborator Ghost Culture aka James Greenwood is one of the few electronic producers Nioke has teamed up with since moving to the UK and signing with Prah recordings.

Falle Nioke & Ghost Culture have announced Youkounkoun, their debut collaborative EP, released 10th July via PRAH Recordings. Opening track “Barké” – which, in English, means “blessing” – is shared today and it is magnificent.

The track is very much vocal focused which is understandable with Nioke’s voice and Greenwood has done an exceptional job here with use of syncopated notes that pop and a simple drum beat. The music doesn’t overshadow it enhances, filling in the gaps and giving a base for Nioke’s snappy vocals. He starts singing high and pure before he turns on the soulful timbre. This track requires only one spin before it becomes slightly addictive and may well be your next favourite track. Until they release their next one that is.

Nioke is a talented singer and really one to watch out for with Barké showcasing what he is capable of creating when teamed up with the right producer.

Seriously check it out, here.

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