Track: All India Radio emits another bright ray of sunshine with the shimmering atmospheric track ‘El Cielo’

Martin Kennedy’s All India Radio released the magnificent album ‘Afterworld’ earlier this year and it still resonates with a shimmering and haunting aura – read my effusive review here.

All India Radio has now released a new single from this epic album, ‘El Cielo’, with maestro Gareth Koch on board. Gareth Koch is a multi-talented composer and multi instrumentalist who also has worked with another favourite, Steve Kilbey (see the monumental release Chryse Planitia). He contributes a beautiful nylon string guitar arpeggio.

‘El Cielo’ is a bright and alert instrumental track with its wandering piano traipsing delicately over the wash of synths and strings and arpeggiated sounds.

Kennedy says of the track:

El Cielo’ is my tribute to the spaghetti western and noir movies of Sergio Leone and Quentin Tarantino and was inspired by the desolate but beautiful landscapes on the drive through Nevada during the band’s US tour in 2007 with Signal Hill.

It does indeed have a twangy reverberated air to the guitars with distant echoes and a sense of endless horizons: augmented by the sweeping strings in the distance and a dappled sunlight feel with gurgles underneath the aquatic surface.

The accompanying video is a piece of enigmatic animation from the Franco-Hungarian sci-fi series Les Maîtres du temps (aka Time Masters) by René Laloux and designed by Mœbius:

You can download or stream the single here and get the album through the link below.

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