Live Gallery: Human League Play ‘Dare’ at the Enmore Theatre, Sydney 13.03.2024

Human League

The Human League are celebrating the 40th anniversary of their iconic synth-pop masterpiece ‘DARE!’ tonight by performing the album in full at the Enmore Theatre. The apex of 80s synth-pop, ‘DARE!’ contained four hit singles, and was the second biggest album in Australia in 1982, achieving Platinum status.

Performing tonight are founding members Philip Oakey, Joanne Catherall and Susan Ann Sulley. The trio is supported by drummer Robert Barton and Nick Banks and Benjamin Lee Smith on keyboards. The set is futuristic looking with high definition video and plenty of synths.

The crowd is buzzing with excitement, and the vibe is as friendly as a neighborhood block party. Everywhere you look, Human League T-shirts are the unofficial uniform, with many fans wearing their devotion on their sleeves – and it’s not just a summer fling; these are long-term love affairs! As anticipation builds, everyone’s got their phones out, ready to capture the moment the band makes their grand entrance. It’s like waiting for the clock to strike midnight on New Year’s Eve!

When Oakey, Catherall and Sulley stride on stage, they are greeted with a deafening roar, as they launch into ‘Mirror Man’. Oakey cuts a striking figure as he paces the stage, dressed all in black in a futuristic-looking outfit. His distinctive baritone resonates through the venue, as captivating now as it was in the band’s heyday. Oakey exudes warmth and charm and his voice is hitting all the right notes. The iconic trio of Oakey, Catherall, and Sulley is a match made in synth-pop heaven. Their classic call-and-response, set against the rousing backdrop of electronic sound, is as fresh and mesmerising as it was when they first hit the scene.

The band’s Australian tour has been a resounding success, and tonight’s (second) sold-out gig at the Enmore is no exception.

The band will be playing Melbourne and Perth next. Tickets available HERE.

Check out our gallery of the Enmore show below.

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