See: Even As We Speak release poignant video for ‘Leaves’

‘Adelphi’, the new album from Sydney’s magnificent Even As We Speak has been further bolstered by an absolutely beautiful video for the track ‘Leaves’.

A golden thread throughout the album is the theme of the transience of life and our own mortality. And yet this is a band that was born in the eighties and which showed, through the release of ‘Adelphi’, that the light of creativity, despite the passage of time, has not dimmed but has brightened.

The video shows singer Mary Wyer playing a role as a trapeze artists – something she actually underwent training for – elegant, poised and perhaps aching for a past that is lost. An extraordinary and subtle performance which seems to, at the same time, portray acceptance and joy for others’ delights, with a hint of pride and understanding.

‘Leaves’ is simply an accordion’s mournful notes and Wyer’s gorgeous vocals, with lyrics that perfectly capture a sense of longing and regret:

Is it right

That love should have to heal

The wounds we made with no apparent need

Should we not pay for all our deeds?

Is it fair

That we should have to stay

The world might turn and then just roll away

Do we need someone to blame

When we just wandered off through the leaves and the shadows

Will my heart be there where I left it so long ago?

The video was filmed at Sydney Trapeze School.

Director: Matias Bolla Cinematographer: Bonnie Elliott

Read my review of the tremendous ‘Adelphi’ here. You can get this brilliant album through the link below:

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