Film Review: Impetigore

Catered for in the UK by Tartan Films (RIP), the turn of the century saw an explosion of Asian cinema across our shores. Whilst this new wave spanned a number of genres, it was perhaps in horror where the region has made the most significant impact. Whilst Japan and Korea initially led the way, film-making has gradually rippled out across the continent. Indonesia is the latest country to start producing a string of excellent films. The likes of The 3rd Eye, Satan’s Slaves and May The Devil Take You are now joined by Impetigore.

After a close encounter with death, Maya (Tara Basro) is compelled to unlock the secrets of her past. Accompanied by her best friend Dini (Marissa Anita), she travels to a remote village to track down the parents she never knew. When the pair arrive, they discover a group of villagers wracked with superstition. A community where there are no children, with a leader (Ario Bayu) who claims to know about her father.

Unlike Joko Anwar’s most famous film (Satan’s Slaves), Impetigore largely eschews jump scares and the usual genre tropes. Instead, it leans heavily on atmosphere and building up an eerie and creepy premise. The setting itself is enough to give anyone the chills and the house adds another layer to the wrongness. Whilst the tension slowly builds, when the action comes it’s fast and furious. Impetigore is an unusual and ghostly experience.

Impetigore premieres on Shudder (US, UK, CA) on 23 July.

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