Track: Sydney electro-pop duo Micra release luscious double singles ‘Undercover Lover’ and ‘I Should’ve Listened’

Ivana Kafedjiyska and Robbie Cain together are the Sydney-based duo Micra and they have just released a luscious pair of tracks that are awash with dream pop motifs and a languid air. Centred around Kafedjiyska’s ethereal vocals and a soft and billowing synth bed, ‘Undercover Lover’ has a classic pop melody and a wistful pace. It’s all lazy summer days on Bondi Beach under the bright blue cloudless sky and burning heat.

Of the track, the bands says:

There are some people in your life that go under the radar or your circumstances don’t allow you to fully connect. This song is about when all the bullshit is done and you can just let your guard down to be with someone who’s been under your nose the whole time.

The accompanying video has a hazy late night chroma key fugue – clearly the product of COVID isolationism that is prevalent in these times, and yet it has an enigmatic and enticing tone:

‘I Should’ve Listened’ presses the accelerator lightly but mirrors the gorgeous melodies with more instrumental complexities. The vocals again are the key strength – melancholic and velvet-lined. The bands says the song is about the complexities of relationships:

Letting other people’s thoughts dictate your actions never ends in satisfaction, yet we still do it all the time. Sometimes this can be a little different in the case of chasing after someone. Other people can see the situation clearly when you are not able to. This song is about a time when indecision and external influences led to a whole lot of hurt.

You can download/stream the singles here.

A sonic experiment from Bulgarian born and raised singer/ guitarist Ivana Kafedjiyska and Australian guitarist/producer Robbie Cain, Micra will perform at Pressure Fest in Sydney on April 24. 

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