Track: Harker – Adulthood

Brighton, UK punk rock powerhouse Harker continues to roll out singles in advance of the upcoming album ‘Axiom,’ out April 23rd on Wiretap Records, Disconnect Disconnect Records, Shield Recordings, Fixing A Whole Records.

Guitarist/vocalist Mark Boniface talks about the track: 

“‘Adulthood’ is based on the feeling of security and identity we develop as we mature into adult life. As we experience trials and tribulations, we gain ground against the fragility that we fear. Our mortality it tests us, but we should not let this impermanence stop us from blossoming.”

With a thick guitar sound and simple but effective drums, this track comes in at a steady pace as it is all about the emotive feeling and well thought out lyrics. The near perfect production allows the chorus to burst out of the mix, and after a couple of plays the track works its way inside your head with that catchy chorus and impeccable playing.

Check it out, here

Find out more about the band via their Website or Facebook

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