Premiere: Trash Fiasco announce new record with 70-second ripper ‘One Bird’

Leaning into a modern spin on noise rock as much as it does the breakout moments of classic punk, Chicago band Trash Fiasco‘s sound is signposted by their chosen name – lo-fi, honest and loud. They haven’t even been an active band for four full years yet and have already released a debut album (2021 scorcher Stay Miserable) and several singles, none of which are on the follow-up.

That’s right; there’s a follow-up on the way, it’s called Exist As Instructed, and the trio are letting it off the leash early next year. Before 2023 wraps up, they’re sharing the short and sweet lead single, ‘One Bird’, a song the band say is ‘a snapshot into the mind of an obnoxiously confident nitwit’: ‘“One Bird” tells the universally familiar story of the person who proves their ignorance and entitlement within the same breath. A self-assessed victim, the narrator blames the world for their own failures while simultaneously putting their idiocy on display.’

Out tomorrow, the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it single is premiering below; Exist As Instructed follows on Wednesday March 20th 2024.

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