EP: Victor Norman – Hymn

Some nice laid back action here with DJ and producer Victor Norman. The Hymn EP is a warm deep-house/techno welcome to the coming winter months. Hymn sets off with simple beats and a mellow floating piano line, building up slowly with some well executed percussion and melody and with the introduction of a Gregorian type chant vocal it adds that special touch to gives the whole track its identity.


  1. Hymn
  2. Hymn (Bernstein Remix)
  3. Hymn (Birds of Mind Remix)
  4. Mimikry feat. Harro TripTrap

On the remix we have Bernstein and Birds of Mind, two remixes which stay close to the original while still adding their own signature. Bernstein lays down a warm synth line and some nice deep layers, Birds of mind add some hypnotic whirling melodies and shimmering background depth. With remixes close to the original it can sometimes be a negative experience for the listener but what we get here is one of those delightful experiences of the remixes becoming parts of the original track, like chapters from the same book. With each ‘Hymn’ track venturing to and beyond the eight minute mark you also get the chance to lose yourself in the music, and with the quality of the tracks it’s a welcome escape.

Lastly we have ‘Mimikry’ a collaboration between Victor Norman and French producer Harro Triptrap. You can feel the heat of the desert with middle eastern flavours weaving their way through this one, a good builder with a steady rhythm that gets bigger and fuller as it progresses.

One to look out for that’ll help you through the winter nights.

Check out a clip:


Release Date: December 23rd on Amselcom

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