Track: Melbourne’s skate punk maestros Captives release the blistering new single ‘Villain’.

Feature Photograph: @rcstills

Melbourne’s Captives are specialists in soaring skate punk. Complementing their ever-growing discography, the band have released a blistering new single ‘Villain’ – an assault on senses and sanities, heavily charged by aggressive vocals and menacing guitars.

Being the first song the band have written both digitally and remotely due to Victoria’s 2021 lockdowns, it leaves little room for enhancement, and packs a whole lot of vigour and punch. ‘Villain’ is an onslaught of vitality that elevates awareness and emancipates relentless energy with explosive instrumentation.

Vocalist Aaron Damon comments on the process of the song:

This track was sitting around for a while; it was definitely one of the first ones that got put down in the demo process. I’m pretty sure it began with a bit of a boozy night (no doubt) over at Tommy’s place pre-pandemic times. Tom wrote the lyrics, and I just got the pleasure of singing it, so it was a bit like doing karaoke for me but it’s a killer tune. In the studio Tyson (producer) added the Greta Thunberg sample at the start and middle of the track and now when I hear the song it’s got some kind of an environmental theme about it, but I’m not sure that’s what the song was even about in the first place.

You can watch the lyric video for ‘Villain’ here:

‘Villains’ is out now and can be downloaded or streamed here.

Feature Photograph: @rcstills 

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