Premiere: DIVE INDEX releases new video for ‘Waving at Airplanes’

credit: Heather Sommerfield, Chris Hacker, Phaedra Walker

Out today via Neutral Music is Waving At Airplanes, the fifth full length release from electronic composer/producer Will Thomas, aka DIVE INDEX. We’re absolutely delighted to premiere the video for the title track right here on Backseat Mafia today.

The track, featuring Natalie Walker of trip-hop collective Daughter Darling, is this beautifully hazy slice of glitchy electronic soul, her smooth vocal draping over scattered beats and stuttering synths. Added in some lovely vocal harmonies and electronic pops for good measure as it gradually unfurls. If the vocal doesn’t snare you, the melancholic melody will.

Of the track Will says “The album title was floating in my head while I was sketching out these new songs – Waving At Airplanes – the childlike ritual that’s optimistic yet futile, hoping that you just might be seen. After sending Natalie the demo, I mentioned the title and it must have triggered some inspiration because she came back and said, Do you have a title track yet?  Thankfully I didn’t. I loved the way her lyrics portrayed that same sentiment through the eyes of a child”.

Of the accompanying animated video, he goes onto say “It seemed like the perfect song for an animated video because we could steer it into a fantasy world. The simple story line loosely follows the arc of the song but rather than a child, it tells the origin story of a paper airplane – being folded by a gust of wind, becoming aloft, learning to fly and going on a journey experiencing life in the air and sky. 
I was so lucky to find Emily Eckstein, a super talented animator who did an amazing job creating this world and bringing this little paper airplane to life”.

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