IDFA Review: White Noise

Whilst the Tea Party movement may have eventually been unsuccessful, it did have one huge and lasting impact on US society. The politics of fear, which its proponents used as a weapon, has become commonplace. The rise of Trumpism and the alt-right has resulted in a spike in white nationalism and proto-fascism. Combined with the rise of social media, this has given rise to a number of commentators and ‘influencers’, who have become celebrities in their own right.

White Noise, the new documentary from Daniel Lombroso, follows three of these figures. The controversial white supremacist Richard B. Spencer, Canadian political activist, anti-multiculturalist and online celebrity Lauren Southern and American conspiracy theorist and social media personality Mike Cernovich. Filmed over a period of four years, it features exclusive access to these influential players.

The beauty of White Noise is the fact that it largely allows its subjects to express their opinions unchecked, regardless of how unpalatable they may be. Allowing the rich and diverse footage to act as counterpoint. Only interjecting when absolutely necessary. In the end it’s clear that these figures are much more interested in their own popularity and wealth than any principles or personal beliefs. White Noise shows them up for what they are, opportunists and hypocrites.

White Noise screened at IDFA.

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