EP Review: Michael CG – The Most Highly Acclaimed Horror Phantasy Of Our Time

Teessides Michael CG is ending the year with the release of his lengthy titled EP – ‘The Most Highly Acclaimed Horror Phantasy Of Our Time’. Previously released track, ‘When I Start Smiling‘ features on the EP along with 5 other tracks of glorious melodic mash ups of falsetto vocals and fun fair arrangements.

‘Paper Plastic’ is full of gospel heart that morphs into a some what of a hard rock classic with blazing horns and Syd Barrett vocals. In fact the track is infected with the Barrett madness as a clash of synths and organs and guitar rollick and play, fighting to be heard.

‘The Family Houses’ has somewhat of a funfair attitude with glittering synths, a danceable beat and a zany vocal performance. Theres so much packed into this track that it surprises you with each listen.

‘The Living People’ starts with a 60s bass line with double tracked vocals and a loosely picked guitar. Wavering high falsetto adds the hint of craziness that the demented piano does nothing to deter. Deeper Jim Morrison vocals take the track on a psychedelic trip.

‘Heads Will Roll pt1’ with its fun fair organ intro that boils into a groovy mix of barely heard guitar and organ notes. Rolling drums propel the track along into another somewhat creepy sounding fun fair with dreamy vocals that float somewhere above all the chaos.

Funked up drum beat and a sea shanty organ run open ‘Heads Will Roll pt2’ and sees Michael creating a post rock track that rolls and yaws along a steady. There’s a party feel with the group vocals vocals that wrap around each other with a Talking Heads vibe.

Closing track is still a highlight of the year for me. The sublime ‘When Do I Start Smiling’ is such a glorious arrangement of synths and strings and that unique CG wail that drips emotion all over the place. It stops me in my place every time I listen.

The fact all this came from the mind of one man is testament to the talent de force that is Michael CG. The tracks on this EP are tinged with an endearing madness and unlike everything out there. Part Prince, part Bowie with a drop of Syd madness to keep things interesting. The EP ends the year off on a high and leaves us in hope of what 2021 brings.

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Have a listen to the full EP, here

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