See: Cannibal Animal release new video for I Feel alive

Cannibal Animal have their roots deeply embedded in the darker more primal side of the current post-punk scene. Latest single, ‘I Feel Alive’ hits you like an  adrenalised shot of amphetamine spiked directly into your frontal lobe. This is raw to the power of eleven. Plug into the power speakers and turn it up loud, really loud …

According to lead singer Luke the song was “‘Wrote in a frozen disused industrial unit, I Feel Alive reflects that feeling of claustrophobia, the feeling of being trapped within something you can’t get out of and maybe even possibly enjoying it, revelling in those dark thoughts that every human has every once in a while, sex, obsession, anxiety, ego, discontent, anger these are the things that make us feel alive, join us…’

Cannibal Animal are Luke on vocals, Jamie on bass and Thomas on drums – from Hull.


‘I Feel Alive’ is out now on Warren Records

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