Track: Evening Hymn – My Drugs, My Dreams

Evening Hymns is the project of musician, composer and producer, Jonas Bonnetta. Along with news of his new track ‘My Drugs, My Dreams’ he also share news of his new album Heavy Nights which is due for release on June 26 via Jonas’s own label Shuffling Feet.

“I wrote this song in my living room right after my breakup, totally terrified and alone,” says Bonnetta. “Again, all these huge questions came back to me and I was so confused and drained. I’d just hurt this person that I loved and had loved for so long and who I had had all of these formative experiences with: touring the world, moving to the country, grieving my father. I wanted to remember it forever, to be present, to learn from it, and so drew the picture. I’d always had this feeling that love should feel good wherever you are, in some idyllic place or in some run-down miserable apartment. I wanted to be happy with nothing. To take away my vices and my dreams and still feel free and hopeful and capable of love.” 

“I’d been working on this song for years and kept putting it aside when I knew I didn’t have the energy to make it better. In my head, I was chasing Rupert Hine’s ‘Arrested By You’ from the Better Off Dead soundtrack, a childhood favourite. I got this big drumbeat going and then just muted all the old drums and guitars. The strings still fit beautifully and that became the song.”

It opens with percussive handclaps and beautiful harmonies that give way to hypnotic sorrowful vocals. There’s such power and emotion in his vocals. The sweeping strings and wonderfully sounding bass line are there to allowing Jones voice to soar on the hopeful chorus then bring the tears on the verses. This is what happens when a producer makes music he wants.

Check it out, here.

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Track listing

1. I Can Only Be Good 2. Heavy Nights 3. Pyrenees 4. The Days Disintegrating 5. You In Dreams 6. My Drugs, My Dream 7. Kiss My Dreams 8. Halfway To The Moon

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