Track: Hinds With Chai release the collaborative track United Girls Rock’n’Roll Club

Spanish quartet Hinds recently collaborated with Tokyo-based Chai on new single UNITED GIRLS ROCK’N’ROLL CLUB. The track is as ebullient and liberating, if not more, than both of the respective bands’ albums or live shows, with the brilliantly uplifting WOAH-OH-WOAH-OH vocals and joyous handclaps. That the track’s vocals are sung in a variety of English, Spanish and Japanese brings even more irrefutable individuality and alternating energy, with the bands’ respective personalities giving an entirely different rush of vibrant, frenetic poppiness.

As the bands say themselves, the new single captures the commonality of the two groups, “UNITED GIRLS ROCK’N’ROLL CLUB is a song that screams GIRL POWER!”, “You might be from different countries, different languages, but at the end of the day, the music speaks for itself.” Though Hinds and CHAI may be from different parts of the world, they both share an utter celebration of female empowerment and creativity, an energy siphoned onto their ecstatically arrayed live shows; where they’ll frequently perform synchronized dances and engage the audience in sing-alongs.

They have also shared a video for the track, see below. Pre-order the single in it’s beautiful translucent violet format here.

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