News: La Tesce Unleashes High-Energy Self-Love Anthem ‘Big Tyme’

La fiercely iReturns with the high energy new single ‘Big Tyme.’ This self-love anthem is a high-octane showcase of her unapologetic attitude, hip-hop prowess and confident flow. Riding the dynamic beats with ease, La Tesce combines rattly hi-hats and punchy 808 kicks, establishing herself as a daring lyrical force. Her music is a vibrant fusion of modern hip-hop and elements of classic ’90s beats, offering numerous unforgettable moments.

In ‘Big Tyme,’ La Tesce pays homage to the legendary rap duo Big Tymers, known for their influential contributions to the hip-hop scene. Hailing from Hartford, CT, she has been captivating audiences with her dynamic performances since her debut in 2018 with ‘Tonight.’ Her 2019 album, ‘Control,’ solidified her reputation as an artist fueled by energy and passion.

After a two-year hiatus from music releases, ‘Big Tyme’ marks La Tesce’s triumphant return. The track not only showcases her growth but also underscores her commitment to honing her creative craft. With each release, she expands her sound and gains an ever-growing fan base, eagerly anticipating her next musical venture. La Tesce’s unapologetic confidence makes her a notable force in the hip-hop world, and ‘Big Tyme’ is a testament to her boldness and musical prowess, cementing her as one to watch

Listen below:

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