News: DOVE-i Unveils Soulful New Single ‘Default’ With Mike Harvey, Teases Upcoming Album ‘It’s Pop Fiction’

The music collective DOVE-i is back in the spotlight with their latest soulful single, ‘Default’, featuring the remarkable Mike Harvey. This cinematic track beautifully merges classical, soul, and R&B influences into a vibrant and energetic masterpiece. With powerful drums, flowing strings, and warm vocals, ‘Default'”‘ is a captivating experience that immerses listeners and leaves them craving more.

Mike Harvey, a distinguished voice in the music industry, has contributed his talents to Grammy-winning projects for luminaries such as Luther Vandross, Steely Dan, and Diana Ross. His vocal prowess has graced stages and studios on television shows like ‘Saturday Night Live’, ‘The Tonight Show’, and ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’. Beyond that, he has lent his voice to film soundtracks and independent projects. Mike’s remarkable career includes performing alongside iconic artists like Beyoncé, Stevie Wonder, Mary J. Blige, Sting, and Seal.

‘Default’ is a tantalizing preview of DOVE-i’s upcoming album, ‘It’s Pop Fiction’, set for release in December 2023. The collective describes the album as a musical journey born during the initial lockdown in France. It serves as a sonic testament to resilience through art, addressing profound themes tied to the new decade’s reality, including inner metamorphosis, artistic reflection, love’s renewal, identity amidst the Black Lives Matter movement, and the legacy we leave for future generations. DOVE-i, with their collaborator talents from across the globe, aims to infuse these themes with a resolutely cinematic spirit.

DOVE-i, masterminded by Thomas Verovski and Bastide Donny, is a musical collective driven by a desire to collaborate with diverse artists and expand their sonic landscape. Thomas, with a background in jazz and classical piano, brings his expertise from the Musician Institute in Los Angeles. He has primarily worked on soundtracks for documentaries, including those for France Television and Arte. Bastide Donny’s journey into music production led him to collaborate with renowned filmmaker Luc Besson. Their fusion of contemporary genres with cinematic elements sets DOVE-i apart, making a significant impact within the music industry. The collective’s ability to seamlessly blend musical styles with cinematic storytelling sets the stage for their promising future.

Listen below:

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