Ellie Bleach’s ode to emotional burnout: ‘Doing Really Well Thanks’ proves she is actually doing really well

Ellie Bleach is an artist who is known for being pretty direct with her songs. You often feel like, as a listener, you are being let in on a personal matter of distress that is either romantic, existential or both.

The London-based musician is treading familiar ground in that sense, but with ‘Doing Really Well Thanks’ I find her sending the level of relatability to dangerous new heights.

The song is an honest portrayal of the face that many of us have to put on day-to-day, in order to operate without further questions. The lyrics follow a conflicted character that is both put together in public, and in shambles in private.

As the artist herself puts it: “It’s set in the period when I returned to my parents’ suburban home for a few months and felt totally lost… (it’s about) presenting a version of yourself that doesn’t exist and hoping they don’t see through your façade.”

It has notes of chamber-pop, with a jaunty piano melody that dips between quirky, falsetto organs and crashing instrumental stings that jolt the energy of the piece.

Again, it cannot be understated how many inspired lines there are in this song, with every quip seeming more intensely self-sabotaging than the last.

Which would seem a tragic statement if not for the likability of Ellie’s lyricism and vocal delivery.

With this single Ellie has written the kind of song that our generation will be remembered for. Glossy, dynamic ballads that broadcast a contempt for modern life with wit and nod-to-the-camera levels of self awareness.

It is a relevant, fresh and enjoyable single from an artist with an engaging perspective and clear talent. It is also available to stream now via Sad Club Records!

Make sure to call the Ellie Bleach Love Line at +44 1536 907338, and catch her at the Shacklewell Arms on the 29th (tickets for free via DICE)

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