PREMIERE: Grant Summerland doesn’t want to be a ‘Real Boy’, shares indie-punk scorcher ahead of new EP next month

Meet Grant Summerland. He’s been away for a little bit. OK, three years. That’s not important; what you need to know is that he’s back. The Californian had the bad fortune to release his debut album Bigfoot Museum the same week his home state shut down everything in the midst of an unfolding pandemic. You’d think that would have taken the wind out of his sails entirely, and you’d be wrong. He reworked three songs for this 2021 live demo EP, and now you’re all caught up, here’s what comes next.

His second EP, Unnatural History, is ready to go and dropping in a few weeks. One of its songs, ‘Backwoods Alabama’, was previewed on the aforementioned live demo EP, and we can expect the finished article to be beefed up significantly if lead track ‘Real Boy’ is anything to go by. It should come with a ‘warning: this song will get stuck in your head, proceed with caution’ sticker. Pop-punk melodies on a shoestring budget for some extra scuzz? Sign us up.

“‘Real Boy’ is an anthemic single that is reminiscent of power rock from the 1970s and 1990s mixed with modern indie rock. This song sets up the themes of my new EP Unnatural History and makes for a perfect summer banger.” So says Summerland, and sure, he was off by a few months but it makes for a damn fine January banger too. Stream it below and keep your eyes peeled for the EP it’s taken from, due out Friday February 10th.

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