Track: Pete Briley – Right Place, Wrong Time

Pete Briley returns with his second solo single ‘Right Place, Wrong Time’, which will be released via all streaming platforms. The track is an uplifting tail that projects Pete Briley’s talents to new levels. ‘Right Place, Wrong Time’ is as much cinematic as it its homely and cheerful.

Pete states:
“With every new song I do something I’ve never done before. For Right Place, Wrong Time I used a Nashville High Strung guitar as the main instrument the track is built around – this is a guitar that uses all the high strings from a 12 string guitar. I also added in a didgeridoo coming out of the first chorus to add a bit of texture and an additional dynamic.”

Bright and upbeat, Briley has treated us to a slice of acoustic sweetness. Strummed acoustic and a pinch of banjo give the track its colour as Briley lays down ear catching lyrics and a catchy sing-a-long chorus that you will sing long after the track has faded.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Briley’s Website or Facebook

Read our interview with Briley here

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