See: The Orielles reveal video for “Joey Says We Got It”

Halifax trio The Orielles caused some waves with their previous single ‘Space Doubt’, and with their new single ‘Joey Says We Got It’ shows that was no flash in the pan. It’s out today (17th October 2015) via Weiner Records on Cassette as part of this year’s Cassette Store Day, also being included on cassette releases from Alcopop! and Superfan99.

It has this rather lovely indie shuffle about it, this chunky bass laying down some off kilter funk, as the guitars whirl and sear through the mix. Over the top of it all, singer Esme drapes her frankly beautiful vocals over the top of everything, the fact its so melodic actually only being mere icing on the cake.

The video is gloriously DIY, showing the band getting down to a summer camp workout, 70’s style. Check it out below:


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