Track: Enforced share an absolute beast of a debut track with – Haemorrhage

Virginia based crossover maniacs Enforced release their new track and visualizer clip for ‘Hemorrhage’ off of their debut Century Media Records full-length album Kill Grid out March 12th.

“The first half is about the death of innocence, or the death of an innocent person, due to the surge of distrust, outrage, and skepticism of a society, while people arrogantly and pompously saber rattle over trivial things, real people are getting hurt and caught in the crossfire.” 

says Knox Colby (vocals). 

Guitarist Will Wagstaff further explains: 

“Musically we wanted to write a song that was driving and pummeling and the original vibe to the beginning was ‘Death Camps’ Cro-Mags inspired. This was one of the first songs written and completed for the album,” 

Is it hardcore, is it death, is it punk? With Haemorrhage, Enforced have created an absolute beast of a track to introduce themselves to the metal world. Vocals just on the right side of growling and frantic guitar strumming, if this track doesn’t have mosh pits forming at every gig these guys play then there will be no hope for metal music.

Find out more the band via their Facebook

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