News: Babatell Releases Debut Album ‘Selftalks’

Producer and solo artist Babatell unveils his debut studio album ‘Selftalks’. Hailing from Dortmund, Germany, he defies conventional norms, crafting a unique identity characterized by his commitment to artistic integrity. Babatell’s music is an experimental blend of Alternative Hip-Hop, Afrofuturism, and Electronica, creating an otherworldly ambiance that resonates with his audience.

‘Selftalks’ is a concept album that delves into the intricate conversations people have with themselves, exploring the nuances of human existence. With raw and hauntingly beautiful tracks, the album touches on themes of love, doubt, hope, and frustration. Babatell’s commitment to authenticity and creative freedom shines through every track.

In Babatell’s own words, “It’s my way of saying that I don’t care if you understand what I do; I’m ahead of a lot of things creatively. Not that I know things better than other people or that I’m a more valuable person, but the music I do is very experimental and located at a different place than a lot of current music.”

As he continues to captivate the world with his enigmatic artistry, Babatell’s ‘Selftalks’ promises to be a unique, thought-provoking journey into the depths of the human experience.

Listen below:

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