Track: Melanie Baker – I Don’t Cry Like I Used To

Ellen Dixon

Newcastle-based indie specialist Melanie Baker has announced her new EP ‘Burnout Baby’ which is set for release on the 5th of April via Du Blonde’s cult indie label Daemon T.V. Along with the announcement, Baker has shared the spellbinding new track ‘I Don’t Cry Like I Used To’.

Marking the follow-up to pulsating lead track ‘All My Plants Have Died‘, the Cumbrian native’s second EP reveal delves deeper into her raw songwriting cannon and focuses on the process of struggling with intense burnout, showcased within the self-taught musician’s newly rocky full-band arrangements. The heartfelt offering is also accompanied today by news of a full UK headline tour, lined up to coincide with her EP release in the spring.

Detailing her brand new track, Baker revealed:

“This is a song I wrote when I was at a bit of a rock bottom with my mental health last year, it’s the only good thing that came out of a pretty rough period. It’s both tender and heavy at the same time, but probably one of the most important songs I needed to write. I find it scary releasing a song that has these vulnerable, heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics but I also think it’s an essential part of my craft, to share something that I know other people have been through and can relate to. I actually find it hard to talk about my feelings in normal life, but somehow I can let it all out in my songwriting, I can be unfiltered and totally honest and that is very freeing.”

Speaking on the EP itself, Baker added: “This EP is about trying to keep up in a fast-paced, success-driven society and struggling with intense burnout. Writing and making this EP has been a slow process of healing for me and now all of these songs serve as reminders to do what I want and be who I wanna be. They’re all almost mantras to me now. When I perform them, it’s like getting to hear the words that I really wanna believe in. 

Breathy vocals and gentle rolling guitar give a dreamy feel and puts Baker’s poetic brilliance front and centre. Her lyrical genius is allowed to gently glow, while slowly tearing your heart apart, such is the hidden emotive power that creeps up on you. Music for the soul.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Baker’s Facebook

Read our interview with Baker here

‘Burnout Baby’ EP Tracklist
01 – This Won’t Be Pretty
02 – Double Decker Death Machine
03 – Waiting List
04 – I don’t cry like i used to
05 – Love is for Losers
06 – All My Plants Have Died

Live Dates
20th Apr – Folklore Rooms, Brighton
24th Apr – The Shacklewell Arms, London
25th Apr – YES Basement, Manchester
26th Apr – The Cluny, Newcastle upon Tyne
27th Apr – Brunswick Yard, Penrith

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