Live Review & Gallery: The Ethereal Tia Gostelow at The Lansdowne Hotel -13.10.23, Sydney

Sydney’s iconic Lansdowne Hotel was the scene for a remarkable evening of magic as Tia Gostelow brought her ‘Head Noise’ tour to town. The night, which featured supporting acts Dennis and Pixie, was an eagerly awaited celebration of Tia’s musical journey and her recently released album ‘Head Noise’.

Tia Gostelow, an indie powerhouse with Yuwi roots, has been making waves in the Australian music scene, earning recognition from Triple J and numerous accolades. Her debut album, ‘Thick Skin’, went gold and included the platinum-certified single, ‘Strangers’. Her release, ‘CHRYSALIS’, explored a new sonic direction with a touch of disco-pop and reached the top of the AIR charts. 

As the night unfolded, a sense of anticipation filled the air. The Lansdowne’s intimate setting provided the perfect backdrop for this ethereal and wholesome experience. The supporting acts, Dennis and Pixie, set the stage with their own talents, creating a fitting prelude to what would come next.

When Tia Gostelow and her band took the stage, the atmosphere became magnetic. Tia’s vocals were nothing short of mesmerizing, and her stage presence exuded a special charm. A wholesome vibe enveloped the venue, connecting both the audience and the performers.

The setlist was a beautiful blend of Tia’s older classics and tracks from her latest album ‘Head Noise’. Familiar songs like ‘Strangers’ and those from her ‘CHRYSALIS’ album resonated deeply with the audience, offering a hand-in-hand journey through her musical evolution. Each performance was marked by Tia’s passion and precision, showcasing the depth and versatility of her talent.

Tia’s interaction with the audience was heartwarming, and her storytelling between songs added a personal touch to the show. This connection between artist and audience elevated the experience, making everyone feel like they were part of something truly special.

The live renditions of songs from ‘Head Noise’ were powerful and left a lasting impression. It was evident that this album marked a high point in Tia’s career, both in terms of lyrics and melodies.

In conclusion, Tia Gostelow’s visit to The Lansdowne was a night of enchantment. The artist’s talent, combined with the heartfelt atmosphere and the introduction of her latest album, created a beautiful experience. Tia Gostelow is undeniably a force to be reckoned with, not only in the Australian music scene but also on the international stage.

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