Track/Video: Argentinian sound artist QOA announces new album ‘SAUCO’ with the vibrant detail of ‘LIQUEN’.

Photo: Hella Salatin

LA based, Argentinian QOA (aka. Nina Corti) is a digital sound artist and illustrator whose practice is centred on listening and tuning in. That doesn’t mean QOA’s attention is solely drawn to other conventional tunes or conversations but instead they seek out the auditory stimuli of the non-human world, plants and animals, streams and undergrowth, winds and weathers. It’s the starting point for QOA music, a collaboration slanted towards the natural as the foundation for their contemplative instrumental songs and audio-visual art works.

QOA has been evolving this approach for some time now while diligently keeping a close conceptual integrity to their musical output. Alongside the thematic, Gamelan structures often underpin QOA’s sonic expressions, bringing melodic delicacy to the woven electronica they create. Playful but also probing QOA’s music aims to gently lift and provoke thoughts. ‘Achiyaku’ from 2020 was a devotional to the river’s rhythms and ripples while 2021’s ‘Asteroide’ on Krut Records imagined landscapes and life forms beyond this planet. Now comes notice of QOA’s new album release ‘SAUCO’, their first for the venerable LA label, Leaving Records and due on the shelves June 21st.

SAUCO’ sees QOA shift gaze to their homeland, inspired by the flora, fauna and wildlife of Argentina’s stranger hinterlands and consequently promising more intriguing musical connectivity. Preview track ‘Liquen’ swells from dawning chimes and arcing notes to pulse vibrantly around an earthy rhythm. Synth clicks and flurries add airborne atmospherics until the pace slides down amongst more cavernous tones. It’s a brisk snapshot that captures QOA’s inventiveness and ability to transport as well as opening the window onto SAUCO’s promise.

Pre-order your copy of ‘SAUCO‘ by QOA from your local record store or direct from Leaving Records HERE

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