SEE: Karen Gwyer remixes Nathan Fake’s ‘Tbilisi’

TAKE two of the more eclectic producers working in British IDM today, and let one loose on a track by t’other.

It’s a tried and tested formula, but it always produces results worthy of your ears.

Nathan Fake – Norfolk-born, sometime Ninja Tune producer, who wends between pared-back, dancefloor tackle and way leftfield collaborations with the likes of Prurient, has handed over his track “Tbilisi” to Karen Gwyer: Midwesterner settled in London with a reputation for synthy ethereality.

And the result strips back some of the dancefloor centrality to allow the synthy colours to flow, while maintaining the lockstep propulsion: watch below.

Nathan says: “I’ve been a fan of Karen’s music for years and have wanted to get her take on something for a while. I think our sound palette has a lot of crossover, particularly with the rhythmic drive and synth work.”

Karen Gwyer’s remix of Nathan Fake’s Tbilisi is out today on Cambria Instruments

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