News: Tru Thoughts reveal London Posse Gangster Chronicle / Money Mad Reissues

Just as the generation before listened to The Beatles, Stones Animals et al do their versions of the American RnB classics, before making their own versions of them, and indeed taking the Americans on at their own game (so to speak) so in those first exciting days of hip-hop many British groups from all over the country started making their own versions of hip-hop.

The original of Money Mad

There was one group above all that rubber stamped the idea that Britain could make essential Hip-Hop records, and that group was the London Posse. Made up of Sipho the human beatbox, Rodney P, Bionic and DJ Bizznizz. They didn’t have a name for a start but while performing over in America they often referred to as the ‘London Posse’ given their home town. They released the their debut single, a self titled ode to their adventures to that point, released on Big Life, which was produced by none other than Tim Westwood. Shortly after Sipho and DJ Bizznizz left, Sipho to work with Manchester’s Derek B, and DJ Bizznizz to work on Westwood’s radio show. The duo continued to record and their second single, the seminal Money Mad, gets a long-awaited re-release on the brilliant Tru Thoughts label on 13th May. More than that though, the lead track is backed by an exclusive, previously unreleased cut, Future No.1. In addition there are Money Mad remixes by Wrongtom and Drumagick

london posse ep

In 1990, London Posse dropped what is regarded by many as the first great UK Hip-Hop record, and by just as many as THE great UK Hip-Hop record – The best British Album of all time (Hip-Hop Connection) ‘finally gave rap an identity of its own’ (Daily Telegraph) were some of the gushing press that the album has received since its release. On 17th June, the album gets a reissue. Called Gangster Chronicles: The Definitive Collection it contains the repackaged album, plus previously unheard tracks and brand new remixes (from, amongst others Steve Mason and The Nextmen)

Ahead of the project, there’s a new documentary about the London Posse and its protagonists as they created a blueprint for UK Hip-Hop with one of the genres best ever albums, wherever your from.

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