News: RATIOS Share High-Octane New Single ‘Take A Stab’

Irish Indie-Rockers RATIOS return with the up tempo, Artic Monkeys-esque new single ‘Take A Stab’.

The band’s journey began in September 2021 when it was a simple guitar and drums duo consisting of Dan O’Shaughnessy and Liam Brady. Their debut single, ‘Yellow Ribbon,’ served not only as an introduction to their sound but also as a beacon to attract a bassist to join their musical adventure. Enter Mike O’Sullivan, who discovered the duo through an ad they had posted. With Mike on board, RATIOS found a new dimension to their music, opening up exciting creative avenues.

Since then, RATIOS has left its mark on iconic venues like Whelan’s, Fibber Magees, and The Workman’s Club, delivering performances that are loud, raw, and brimming with energy.

The forthcoming single, ‘Take A Stab,’ has a history dating back almost a decade. The three-piece lineup revisited and fully developed the song in 2022. Dan O’Shaughnessy had initially penned the lyrics and a rough structure for the track before the trio solidified its composition.

‘Take A Stab’ delves into themes of boredom, frustration, and a yearning for a more fulfilling life in a small town, urging the storyteller to break free from the monotony. The song captures moments of seeking refuge from the mundane, a sentiment that is sure to resonate with many listeners.

Commenting on the new single, RATIOS had this to say, “During a rehearsal session, Dan said that he had a song idea that traced back to around 10 years ago. As soon as we heard the main riff, we knew this song would be our next release. The hooks and ideas kept coming once we started to develop it, even more so when it came time to enter the studio. It’s the most accomplished song we’ve released so far, and we love the different sounds that are layered on this track. We think the sound reflects each of our influences while also bringing something fresh into the current rock sphere. Lyrically, all three of us can relate to the main sentiment of the song – a feeling of discontent with what’s around us and wanting something more. We want the world to present a means of escape from our mundane surroundings and to go on to something bigger. The song evokes a feeling of setting out a challenge – for the world to ‘Take a Stab’ at you and see what you can do.”

RATIOS is steadily carving a niche for itself in the music scene with their high octane, early 2000’s fuelled sound.

Listen below:

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