Film Review: To The Moon

While the story of Cain and Abel might be more instructional than factual, the relationship between two brothers can often be tense and strained. Especially when there are no other siblings in a household. There’s a power dynamic at play, usually defined or determined by the way they’re treated by parents, which can be multifaceted and complex. Their interconnection can change over time, but those early interactions can define it. To The Moon plays on this.

Dennis (Scott Friend) and Mia (Madeleine Morgenweck) are having a few relationship problems. The young married couple have decided to spend some time together, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, at his parents’ cabin in the country. The struggling actor is trying to kick his drug addiction again while she is still coming to terms with the end of her sporting ambitions. They need the space to reconnect. Their plans are interrupted by the arrival of his estranged and troubled brother (Will Brill).

To The Moon is a tense and taut psychological family drama wrapped within a shroud of mystery. Writer/Director/Star Scott Friend’s film is part fever dream, part hallucinatory nightmare. All the elements are delicately balanced, keeping the viewer guessing until the very end. Indeed, reality and fantasy frequently blur, so you’re never quite sure what will happen next. To The Moon is an impressive debut feature which promises much for the future.  

To The Moon will be available on VOD in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand on 20 September.

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