Track: Godsticks – If I Don’t Take It All

Eleanor Jane

After sharing the first taste of their forthcoming album ‘This Is What A Winner Looks Like’ with the single ‘Mayhem’, Godsticks return with a second glimpse with the track ‘If I Don’t Take It All’. It sees the band embracing electronic elements adding even more texture to their signature identity.

The track came about as an indirect impact of the pandemic – Darran Charles found himself immersed in TV shows during this trying time to find a way to escape from the void of live performance. Accompanying the song is the band’s new video which brings that sense of struggle to life. Darran Charles outlines more below: 

“It’s about the struggles we all face every day and overcoming them – whether it’s something a bit more dramatic and harrowing like the shows and characters I was inspired by, or the more personal, inner battles that every one of us will have to face at some point in our lives. It’s about not giving in to anything, and each of us tried to reflect that determination in our performances.” 

The band elaborate further on the video for the new track as well: 

“We were able to film the video for ‘If I Don’t Take It All’ at a really cool location, hidden away in Cardiff Bay. It was very dark and quite claustrophobic at times, but our videographers were able to create this amazing prison-like atmosphere that perfectly captures the tone of the song.” explains Charles. 

With the release of ‘If I Don’t Take It All’ the band also say goodbye to long time member Dan Nelson, who throughout his thirteen year tenure in the band leaves on the most amicable of terms as the band state below. 

“After 13 years in the band, we knew we had to have a frank discussion about what he wanted to do, and sadly he didn’t want to continue. We shan’t miss him because we still see him most days and will always stay friends, but we will miss his contribution to Godsticks as he is without doubt an indelible part of our sound. We think he saved the best until last too, as you’ll find out when ‘This Is What A Winner Looks Like’ is released!” 

With that in mind, the band now welcome new member Francis George who makes his video debut in the new single and is the new bass player of the band. 

“Adding Francis to the band was a no-brainer really. Last year he filled in on bass for our performance at Prog Power Europe, and somehow managed to not only learn our very complex material in no time at all, but play it with a great sound and feel. We knew we had to invite him to join us, and we are very excited to take this new line up on the road this June!” 

A thunderous blistering and complex track which highlights what separates this band from their contemporaries. Effortless emotive vocals Charles lays down some brilliant vocals as the track is driven by the impressive drumming and the clean punchy riffs. The high level of musicianship and open minded experimentation when it comes to the art of composing is a huge strength of the band, you just never know what Godsticks are going to lay down.

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Godsticks live

22nd June – Cardiff – Fuel

23rd June – London – Camden Assembly

24th June – Newcastle, The Cluny 2

25th June – Edinburgh – Legends 

Tickets are available here

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