See: N. Lannon releases new video for “Endless Night”

Sometime Film School guitarist N. Lannon aka Nyles Lannon has recently released his third solo album, Falling Inside, and eclectic mix of electro-folk onto which Lannon has added samples from old Persian records and his guitar recorded backwards, as well as a liberal smattering of 808 kick bass.

From it, the San Francisco based singer-songwriter has just revealed a new video for the track Endless Night. It showcases his gentle vocal and beautifully understated acoustic guitar, to which splashes of electronic hue and the 808 are added. As it hits its stride, so cut up vocal harmonies are gently replaced by the real thing, as more and more layers of synths are added, before it ebbs and flows along its wistful way. Certainly, its three and a half minutes of the most lovely melodic pop music you’ll hear.

Catch the video, by Lisa Ingram, that focuses of the breakdown of a relationship, before the main character finds strength and solice within herself, despite being faced with emotional uncertainty and loneliness.

N.Lannon’s new album, Falling Inside, is available at or all good retailers.

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