News: Tycho Jones Releases New Single ‘Missing in Action’ From The New EP ‘Negative Space’

Following two sell out London headline shows, Tycho Jones returns with ‘Missing in Action’ the third and final instalment of the much-acclaimed new EP ‘Negative Space’. Building upon the success of previous singles ‘Pink+Blue’ and ‘Risk To My Reward,’ this new track is a burst of indie-pop brilliance, delivering anthemic proportions of heartfelt emotion and infectious melodies.

With masterful skill, Tycho Jones artfully blends poignant lyrics with uplifting melodies, offering a captivating exploration of post-pandemic relationships. The lingering effects of those connections forged during one of the most challenging shared human experiences of our time continue to resonate years later. ‘Missing in Action’ delves into the complex inner conflict surrounding lost love and the struggle to move on. The song reflects the powerful emotions that emerge when cherished individuals leave our lives, leaving behind an unmistakable void.

“Missing in Action is about inner conflict, losing someone very dear and knowing they’re gone. Hoping they might come back or respond one day…” reveals Tycho Jones, encapsulating the essence of the heart-wrenching track.

The enchanting fusion of rambunctious drums, head-bopping bass, raw guitars, and irresistibly catchy lyrics in ‘Missing in Action’ showcases Tycho Jones’ unique talent for transforming introspective thoughts and emotional tensions into exuberant alt-pop anthems. Their musical artistry is nothing short of magical.

The Negative Space EP, featuring ‘Missing in Action,’ is out now via Globe Town Records. Each track in the EP represents a thought-provoking journey through the depths of human emotions, as Tycho Jones continues to captivate listeners with their authentic and expressive vocals.

Tycho Jones’ ability to translate inner struggles into captivating melodies and infectious beats sets them apart as a musical magician like no other. With each release, they demonstrate a profound understanding of the human experience, inviting listeners to connect with their music on a deeply personal level.

As ‘Missing in Action’ joins the ranks of Tycho Jones’ glittering repertoire, Tycho Jones continues to showcase his prowess as a writer and a performer

Listen to the full EP below:

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