Track: Lindsay Munroe – ‘Need A Ride’: Mancunian alt.blues riser finds strength in solitude

Lindsay Munroe. photographed by Cinthia Baseler

YOU CAN sum up Manchester’s Lindsay Munroe succinctly, thus: wow, that voice.

Yours truly remembers dropping their spoon into my metaphorical cornflakes, jaw agape, as I first bathed in Lindsay’s track “River” from last summer, a voice tough and deep and melodic; “like Micah P Hinson,” I said, “her physicality belies the depth and power of what she’s capable of delivering; like Tim Buckley, you’ll wonder how a voice so seasoned can be so young.”

She’s shaping up for the new year with her first single drop, the confident, dark alt.blues of “Need A Ride”. Take a listen below.

It’s a war cry for tom-toms and an indie blues riff in Polly Jean country, over which an empowered Lindsay proclaims: “I don’t need someone to take my heat / It’s just me between these sheets.” She’s bold, strong and wholly ready for the world as wholly herself.

It, is Lindsay says, a self-defined ‘independence anthem’ about enjoying singledom in her mid-twenties. It’s also her first release since last year’s Our Heaviness EP, which picked up plaudits from none other than Sharon Van Etten.

While that EP focussed autobiographically on her divorce from a conservative church, “Need A Ride” breezes forward into a new independence.

Lindsay says: “Having become single quite suddenly and unexpectedly, I was shocked by the confidence and self-assurance I felt in that newfound independence.

“It feels particularly relevant at the moment since socially distanced dating is so difficult; unless you live with a partner, lockdown is essentially a time of government-enforced celibacy.”

This is the first release of what’s set to be another busy year for Lindsay, with a further single and EP set to follow as the days lengthen.

Connect with Lindsay on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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