Track: The Catenary Wires – ‘Mirrorball’: Amelia and Rob twirl the indiepop glitter

AMELIA FLETCHER and Rob Pursey: a marriage of minds and music who’ve kept those of us who love love loved the C86 guitar pop sound so well musically fed down the years.

They forged out of the Talulah Gosh era together with Heavenly, Tender Trap, Marine Research; these days they’re just as busy, working together in The Drift, Swansea Sound (whose recent, brilliantly high concept slice of POP! “I Sold My Soul On eBay” we fell for here), and of course as the utterly charming Catenary Wires – this latter inversion of the two, together in electric (indiepop guitar) dreams, being who we’re sharing the love about today.

For they’re twitching back the curtain on their April 7″ , and we’ve embedded the extremely, extremely lovely “Mirrorball” for you below; a track that’s as sweetly indiepop as you like, garnished with brass à la June Brides or Pale Fountains, in which the two “desperate fools” smile at each other in the chrome and pastel sweater hell of an Eighties’ disco, trading lines back and forth with loving warmth.

“Be Jason to my Kylie … be Wah! Heat to my Wylie …” how can you not fall for a couplet that clever? And there’s even room for the interjecting boop-boop of a space syndrum – which, that’s insouciant. Thumbs up.

It’s a song that proves you can spin a silky track from the sericulture of indiepop and it be just the absolutely right thing at any time.

The 7″ of Catenary Wires’ “Mirrorball” / “I Wish You Were Here” will be released by Skep Wax on April 16th; it’ll also be available digitally, with unconfirmed rumours of a brilliant bonus track.

The 7″ will only be available for pre-order through your local indie store, which is a nice touch; the band say: “North American customers – please buy your 7” vinyl from Shelflife: it will be a lot cheaper for you! Shelflife is also the best bet for digital in North America.

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