Track: Holly Hebe’s ‘I Tried To Give You Ways To Love Me’ is a gentle, breezy and wry delight.

There’s a gentle liquidity to the instrumentation and a sixties inflection to Holly Hebe‘s ethereal velvet vocals in her new track ‘I Tried To Give You Ways To Love Me’. Softly flowing in a dream pop reverie burnished with Hebe’s wry tones, this single literally floats like a leaf down a babbling stream, with a droll form of melancholia deep in the genes.

Hebe hails from the Mornington Peninsula outside Melbourne – contributing perhaps a pastoral, bucolic air to the track. Snatches of sampling snapping and crackling in the distance adds a fascinating layer to something that is quite fresh and unique:

‘I Tried To Give You Ways To Love Me’ is out now and available to stream here.

Feature Photograph: Holly Hebe

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