Track: Laura Mac release the bright and effervescent debut ‘Garage Full Of Dreams’: sparkling rays of sunlight straight out of the Sunshine Coast

‘Garage Full Of Dreams’ is the debut single from Sunshine Coast’s Laura Mac: a cheeky, hyperactive track filled with attitude and verve. Laura Mac is in fact a duo consisting of Laura Maclachlan and Zac Connely who romantically met at the music festival Splendour In The Grass where the couple fell in love, moved to the hinterlands and began writing music together.

And what a bonus for us. Maclachlan says of the track:

You know how some people have to work really hard for things that other people have given to them for free? That’s kind of what this song is about. That and cool cars! I sing about all these cool cars when in reality I drive the world’s most beat up Toyota Camry. When I got the car it was rancid and had 5000 cockroaches in it. It’s clean now but has subsequently been nicknamed ‘The Roach.

Born out of envy and frustration maybe, but this is an effervescent number that recalls the style and sound of Lily Allen with the swagger of the Arctic Monkeys filled with an indelible melody and a sense of cheeky fun:

This is just the kind of rollicking fun we all need in these dire times: a deadpan delivery, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, a backpack full of attitude, jangling guitars, all delivered in an endearing Australian accent. Anthemic joy that has a punky atmosphere and a shimmering brilliance.

Even the creative development is exciting. The single was apparently written in a big red party bus, as Maclachlan recounts:

We write all of our music in our big red party bus. I throw in the occasional bass line but Zac writes all the music and then I put vocals down over the top. The initial recording is usually just me scat singing over the track to get the melody right and then writing the words and filling in the gaps as we’re recording the demo

What a debut. You can get the track here.

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