Premiere: Anatomy Class gives us a shimmering lesson in jangling indie pop with their brilliant single ‘Welcome to the Ages’

‘Welcome to the Ages, by Australian band Anatomy Class is pure and unsullied indie pop that jingles and jangles with harmonious intent. It is a privilege to premiere this little slice of heaven on Backseat Mafia where we are sure you will agree, it is absolutely cooks.

All the essential ingredients are there for this particular lesson: glorious harmonies and a scintillating whiff of melancholy delivered through the most celestial melange of crystalline, ringing guitars and melodies. If you need comparisons, then there is a clear genetic connection to the sounds of Teenage Fanclub, Doves and their ilk: harmonies and melodies over chiming guitars.

The band has crafted a pure pop dish that is thrilling and euphoric but is filled too with a sense of nostalgia:

I don’t even know what’s right, and I can’t get to sleep at night, just take me back to where we were before.

There is an imperious beauty in the sentiments that adds a certain frisson to the upbeat sounds. Singer/songwriter Ant Rosen was based in Sydney but moved back to Melbourne to start a family – going through changes becomes a symbol of the last year when the transience of existence is thrown all the more into relief. Rosen says:

All the songs are personal in their own way, but a song like ‘Welcome To The Ages’ in particular is one which is quite reflective for me. Even more so now after such big personal life changes for me coupled with what we’ve all collectively gone through recently with the global pandemic. I hope that sentiment resonates through.

It resonates like a ringing bell:

This is really exciting and heady stuff. Available 12 May 2021 either through the link above or through all the usual downloading and streaming sites here, this is the start of something very exciting with an album on the way. Long live rock’n’roll with lashings of harmonies and jangle.

Anatomy Class are:

Ant Rosen
Nick Kennedy
Danny Yau

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