See: Organised Scum reveal new video for Unborn Cars


In Werner Herzog’s documentary about the internet Lo and Behold: Rivalries of the Connected World, a GoogleX employee makes reference to ‘Unborn Cars’ of the future. This imagery and turn of phrase both bemused Tom Duggins of London three piece Organised Scum, who took it and used it as inspiration for the song which turned out with the same name.

“if you dare to ask who created our social world” says Duggen of the phrase “then you’re in the territory of being told that cars are born, and that that our society is a natural outcome of forces beyond our control”, before continuing “I also wrote this track thinking of my niece – who’d just turned two at the time. She was starting to talk properly and the phrase ‘we can understand what you’re saying’ was going through my head. I realised how incredible even the simplest acts of communication are, and how we take this stuff for granted, especially nowadays when we’re in constant contact with everyone and everything.”

Rather than the death metal / hardcore punk their name suggests, Organised Scum make this attractive synth/art pop, as if XTC were alive and well and wrestling with modern equipment. It’s unexpected switches and little nods to time signatures and unusual phrases, along with this bassline that butts in here and there, all adds to the charm. And that chorus…..these boys know how to write smart, melodic pop songs. Keep and ear out.

Check out the accompanying video, here



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