Live Gallery: Nova Twins at the Crow Bar Sydney 30.11.2022

nova twins

The Nova Twins (aka Georgia South and Amy Love) are currently roaring their way through Australia as part of the Good Things Festival. Tonight the two childhood friends bring their crazy melange of punk, rap, pop, hard rock to the Crow Bar in Sydney.

The duo has received praise from non other than Rage Against The Machine’s iconic guitarist Tom Morello who dubbed them “an incredible band who deserve to be huge” as well as inviting them on tour with Prophets Of Rage. Apart from their music, the Nova Twins are socially aware and have supported No Music On A Dead Planet and Oxfam to play for environmental change. Through their ‘Voices For The Unheard’ platform, they give a stage and a spotlight to marginalised talent.

But tonight they are here to rock and from the moment that they take the stage, they delight the crowd with a sublime aural onslaught and heavy guitar riffs that take no prisoners. By the second song there is a circular mosh pit happening and the girls are in the floor in the middle of it. Later the audience is encouraged to start a twerking mosh. After much raucous fun and a celebration of female power they are gone, leaving an exhausted but exhilarated crowd in their wake.

View the gallery of the show below and try to grab a ticket to see the Nova Twins while they are in Australia-it’s worth ever cent.


Fire and Ice







Losing Sleep


Play Fair

Sleep Paralysis



Choose Your Fighter

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