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The latter years of the first decade in the millennium were not Ronnie Radke’s finest hour. After leaving his role as vocalist in Escape The Fate, and spending some time in jail, many people probably didn’t have much faith in his return to the music industry.

However, with his incarceration spent writing songs for his new band- now known as Falling In Reverse- he emerged with The Drug In Me Is You, an album that was big, ballsy and enough to convince people to forget his past and give him a second chance. Falling In Reverse’s second album, Fashionably Late, was met with a reception just as big as the first, but perhaps not quite as positive. Infusing upfront rap lyrics with metal breakdowns, yet with choruses still as huge as their earlier work, it just wasn’t the same.

But, Falling In Reverse are back. It’s time for round three and it looks like it’s going to be a good one. With a rolling intro that could have come right from the Ronnie era of Escape The Fate, (circa 2006 with their Dying Is Your Latest Fashion album), but jarring riffs and harsh vocals that would fit inconspicuously between any of the songs on The Drug In Me Is You. It’s so brilliantly post-hardcore through and through and the best part is; you can sit and wait for the rap to drop until you’re blue in the face, but it just never comes. The guitar solo in the bridge is traditional Falling In Reverse, and everything about this song is steeped in everything good about the band’s roots.

This is by no means the heaviest song Falling In Reverse have ever penned, however for fans of their older material, this track is golden- and if you weren’t a fan prior to now, maybe it’s time to give this song a listen and reconsider.

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