Track: Banji release new single ‘Chatterbox’ and video via [PIAS] Recordings

The Utrecht band Banji looking at the camera
Credit: Liam Maxwell

Utrecht indie-rock quartet Banji have released new single ‘Chatterbox‘ via [PIAS] Recordings. The four-piece have produced a stomping track, full of energy and with a wild reverb. There is an electricity about ‘Chatterbox‘, with its sizzle of static capturing perhaps the white noise of those who drone on and on. The track is addictive and the lyrics are going to resonate with everyone. I mean we have all met those people, right?: “I know everything“.

Vocalist Morris Brandt says of the track:
‘Chatterbox’ felt like a departure from the rest of the material we were working on at the time. The
energy was definitely different, but also felt familiar in a way. The song is about certain people who
are kind of offensively self-assertive and conceited. There are snippets of conversation happening in
the song that are more or less inspired by real ones I’ve had. Chatterbox is special to me because it
took me a long time to realize that it’s best to acknowledge these types of patterns when they’re

The video is a colourful blast of animation perfectly illustrating ‘Chatterbox‘ with its repetition over and over of chattering teeth which are obviously not pausing to breath to listen to anything at all. There is an aggression in the image which we can feel by those who simply sap our energy, giving us nothing in return.

Chatterbox‘ follows previous singles including ‘Listen’, ‘Dogbreath’, ‘Chills’, and ‘TalkieWalkie’, and alongwith the Amsterdam band Personal Trainer I am delighted to now have two Dutch bands to watch out for.

Chatterbox‘ is available now and for more information on Banji please check out their facebook and website.

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