Track: L.A. producer Classixx remixes Preatures – This is how you feel?

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It’s that time of the year when everything needs getting done, in our house anyway. I’ve got things to pack for the impending holiday, children to look after, and a multitude of jobs to do. Apparently, there shelving that needs to do up in the spare bedroom, things that need putting out/getting down from the attic, the house needs to be tidied, and there’s a unit that needs building and putting in the garage. Todays orders include the one thing I hate above all others though. To mow the lawn.

And so here I sat, thinking of reasons why that may not have been possible today, without success. It’s definitely not going to rain now, as I had hoped earlier. I just couldn’t bring myself to move. It was at that point that I put on the Classixx remix of Sydney’s The Preatures. The band makes this melodic indie rock that’s dunked in a liberal amount of vocal harmonies to produce something akin to The Magic Numbers, or maybe Haim (who they’ve been out supporting in Australia recently).

Just out in a remix of the single by L.A.’s Classixx, who have taken the track and made a laid back house track of it, complete with  popping, qsquarking basslines and these jazzy electro-chords that give a whole new feeling to the track. The cut-vocals match perfectly to give the whole thing this perfect summer-pop. Even the darker instrumental moments can wipe the smile off your face.

How do I feel? I feel good. Really good. I might go and mow the lawn.

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