EP Review: Amas – Face 1

The Breakdown

...Organic compositions that progress and build using warm synth layers and tight percussion that bind so symbiotically the musicianship has to be appreciated...

The EP FACE I is an evolution from the previously released album JAHRE. it fits into the narrative of urban life and our own personal development. both chronology and emotions are explored here and adapted with lyricism and atmospheric digital and analog sound.

it starts with 1984, beginning of our emotional journey and also literary (GEORGE ORWELL) fixpoint of the electronic adaptation. we feel a kind of lightness in our society, upswing and freedom determine everyday life for a large part of germany. we are free, everything seems possible! almost we move through an utopia. new prosperity and contentment let us blossom, no digital friends and in-between worlds alienate our seemingly naive and peaceful being.

A1. 1984

in TMV a first individual emotional world comes to the fore, the mood is mixed and seems fragile. euphoria and melancholy mix to an undefined state of emotional and musical confusion. LYRIK gets a first big space here and carries from the part of confusion into a part of detachment. despite the ambivalence of the first moment, the scene ends in a transcendental, positively driving state of letting go and rest …

the next part takes us away from the familiar and seemingly peaceful MOMENTS. we jump into the year 2184! 200 years later we are sitting here now, society has turned into an emotional desert like in ORWELLS fiction. a lonely CYBORG sits in the ruins of our once joyful cathedrals and sings about his tearing apart. he can’t be without, but also can’t be with his own anymore. like a cursed of two worlds he sits stranded in space and time.

A2. 2184

the conclusion is made by TMVA, here we get into a very intimate emotional farewell to a lost and unfulfilled love. the calm tempo lets everything flow out that has confused and driven us for years. who or what do we want to become emotionally? are we even capable of letting ourselves fall after decades of searching and disruption? are we already dying? in the end only art and the love of it remains to save us.

Verdict: Face 1 brings us four wonderfully lush Minimal Trance/House tracks. Three solid late-night rollers and one stripped down ambient trip. Organic compositions that progress and build using warm synth layers and tight percussion that bind so symbiotically the musicianship has to be appreciated. The Deutsch spoken poetry interspersed throughout adds an invaluable emotional depth to what are already outstanding pieces. A limited vinyl only release, it’s worth tracking down.

Track List:

A1. 1984


B1. 2184


Available Now: AMAS_FACE 1 | amasmusic (bandcamp.com)

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